Our key to success - the SALUTEM concept of perfectly fitting qualification and integration As an employer, you benefit from our extensive know-how in the selection and placement of healthcare workers in an international context. more ...

Close personal support & quality assurance

Together we drive success

Our employees have many years of work experience with other cultures and countries and know about the special challenges of successfully shaping everyday-life and work abroad.

We take the growing numbers of press articles and personal reports about the unsuccessful integration of foreign nurses very seriously. The causes for an early return of employees to their home country are usually very complex.

Employers report homesickness as a leading motive for termination of employment. As an ongoing measure to prevent dropping out of work, we have included homesickness prophylaxis in our placement concept. We also provide support in the employees' mother tongue.

We focus on these three starting points:

  • Nursing staff are encouraged to continuously improve their personal language skills, especially during the first 12 months.
  • We advise and motivate people to take part in integration courses through us or at adult education centers.
  • We encourage and support communication with home (e.g. using Skype) to make it easier to get used to communicate remotely.

Recruiting skilled workers is seen as an opportunity to secure long-term skilled personnel in Germany

For every 100 openly registered positions, there are only 37 nurses registered as jobseekers. The changes in demographic structure, the increasing multimorbidity in connection with a rise in the number of chronic illnesses will continue to drive the need for skilled workers in the healthcare system, especially in the care sector.

At the same time, there is a large number of qualified nursing staff in European and non-EU countries who cannot find a job at home. Nursing staff from third countries with a professional title as registered nurse have been allowed to work permanently in Germany since July 2013.