Global Healthcare Recruitment - Together we drive success. The number of people in need of nursing care in Germany will increase from currently around 2.3 million to around 3.4 million in 2030. Numerous health institutions are already complaining about open job positions remaining unoccupied for a long time. more ...

Global Healthcare Recruitment -
Together we drive success

The key to success – our concept of perfectly fitting qualification and integration

With a comprehensive approach and targeted measures, we address qualification needs, motivation and individual career planning equally. As an employer, you benefit from our extensive know-how in the selection and placement of healthcare workers in an international context.

The three phases of the SALUTEM concept:

Phase 1 Initiation in Germany

  • Interview with the employer and determination of future requirements
  • Customized placement proposals for the employer
  • Contractual agreement between the client and the recruitment agency
  • Employment contract or preliminary contract with a hospital or nursing/elderly care facility for the selected applicant

Phase 2 Preparation of applicants in their home country

  • Selecting and recruiting applicants within the EU and Latin America
  • Language preparation in around nine months (at least level B2 according to the European language reference framework)
  • Intercultural awareness (country, people, culture, administration in Germany)
  • Accompanying the departure process

Phase 3 Start of work and joint integration support

  • Accompaniment of the nursing staff
  • Recognition of professional qualifications
  • Creation of an individual career plan together with the employer
  • Feedback from the employer after 3, 6 and 12 months
  • Evaluation after the first year of employment

Our experience - your advantage

Our employees have many years of work experience with other cultures and countries and know about the special challenges of successfully shaping everyday-life and work abroad.

With us as your partner, you can rely on having a highly qualified and motivated nurse as an employee.

  • Recruiting international nurses for the German job market
  • Matching analysis - employers and applicants
  • Language preparation and intercultural awareness
  • Integration support